10 January 2021
Series: Dialed In
Service: Sunday

Your Attention Please

Discussion Questions

  1. Read Proverbs 20:27. How does God use our own spirit to speak to us?
  2. Describe a time when God has spoken to you in this way.
  3. Read Colossians 1:9–12. List the reasons Paul prays for the readers to be “full of the knowledge of God’s will.”
  4. How can each of these characteristics help us grow closer to God and others see God through us?
  5. Read 2 Timothy 3:15–16. In what ways is scripture useful?
  6. How has God spoken to you through the bible?


Gracious God, You are always speaking to us, inviting us to live a life rooted in our connection with Jesus through the power of your Holy Spirit. We confess that we have let the noise of the world, our thoughts, and desires distract us from listening to you. Forgive us, and renew us. Help us to hear you clearly. Give us hearts of full gratitude and courage to follow your will for our lives each day. Amen.


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  • The Bible Project | resources to experience the Bible in an approachable, engaging, transformative way; includes one-year reading plan
  • N.T. Wright for Everyone Bible Study Guides | find at your favorite local or online bookseller; includes contemporary application of all New Testament books

2022 Pledge

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