What’s the Point?

February 21, 2021

Series: Question Mark

Service: Sunday

Book: Mark

Discussion Questions

  1. Read Mark 1:1–20 and Isaiah 40:3–5. What is the role of John the Baptist in the story of Jesus? How is our role as followers of Jesus today both similar and different from his?
  2. It seems revival was already sparking when Jesus arrived. Read Luke 1:13–17. What are the characteristics of the revival John is leading and how are revivals still needed in our society today?
  3. In Mark 1:9–13 Jesus is baptized and Father, Son, and Spirit appear together affirming his identity. Describe a time when you have had someone speak over you words affirming who you are. How did it feel? How did it help you filter out other messages claiming labels over you?
  4. What is the core of Jesus’ message in these verses in Mark 1:14–15?
  5. The word “repent” literally means to change your way of thinking. How does this compare to your prior understanding of this word? What does it look like to repent and believe the Good News?
  6. Rabbis of Jesus’ time would only choose the best students to become their disciples. They expected those potential students to seek them out and request the privilege of following them. As Jesus begins to call his disciples to follow him what do you notice about 1) whom he calls and 2) from where he calls them? How has Jesus called you, and how have you responded?

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