Does God Even Care?

March 7, 2021

Series: Question Mark

Service: Sunday

Book: Mark

Scripture: Mark 4:35-6:6

Discussion Questions

  1. How do the themes of fear and faith show up in each of these three stories? What did you learn about fear and faith? Do they ever go hand in hand?
  2. The demon-possessed man seems like an unlikely candidate for healing. Why might Jesus have chosen to heal him? Like the disciples (see 4:38), have you ever wondered if Jesus cares about you?
  3. In what ways do “unclean spirits” affect us today? If you were a townsperson what would you think about the dramatic life change in the demon-possessed man? Do you believe Jesus brings that kind of change to people today?
  4. Contrast the approaches of Jairus and the Bleeding Woman toward Jesus. What obstacles does each need to overcome? How does Jesus respond? What does this show about Jesus’ care for all of us?
  5. How do you respond to “storms” in your life? How likely are you to exhaust all of your resources before taking a problem to Jesus? Explain.
  6. Refer to Mark 4:35–41 and 6:1–6. Like the disciples and those in his hometown, how has familiarity with Jesus blocked you from really seeing who he is? What helps you get a fresh perspective?
  7. How do you need Jesus to heal you today (financially, physically, relationally, emotionally, or other)? Is there a behavior you need to break free from?

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