Forgive and Be Forgiven

May 1, 2022

Series: Follow

Service: Sunday

Book: Matthew

Scripture: Matthew 18:2–35

Discussion Questions

  1. Read Matthew 18:2–35. Peter asks a valid question, “How many times should I forgive?” Have you ever wanted to place limits on forgiveness? What does Jesus’ answer (v. 22) teach us about forgiveness?
  2. Are you a grudge-holder or quick to forgive? When has it been difficult for you to forgive and why?
  3. Jesus-shaped forgiveness does not ignore the wrong, nor does it expect everything to go back to what it was. It releases the debt and clears our spiritual arteries from the blockages of unforgiveness. How do you see these values in Jesus’ instructions on conflict resolution, as described in Matthew 18:15–20? What are the steps to take?
  4. In the Lord’s Prayer and his commentary after (see Matthew 6:5–15), Jesus connects God’s forgiveness of us to our forgiveness of others. When has God’s forgiveness flowed through you towards others? When have you received such forgiveness?

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