Love and Be Loved

May 8, 2022

Series: Follow

Service: Sunday

Book: Matthew

Scripture: Matthew 14:22–31

Discussion Questions

  1. Describe something that you “love” and why. (For Example… I love Pizza… or Hawaii…)
  2. Peter’s adventure walking on the water is often perceived as a failure of faith on Peter’s part and an act of power on the part of Jesus. Read Matthew 14:22–31. Jesus uses every occasion to demonstrate the character of the Father, even when our attempts to follow him fall short. What elements in this story help us see Jesus’ love for Peter?
  3. When have you felt like you were struggling and called out to God? How did He respond? Is it easy or difficult for you to trust Him at times like this?
  4. Read John 13:1–17 and 34–35. How did Peter respond to Jesus, and why? What holds you back from fully receiving His love (John 13:1)?
  5. 1 John 4:7–21 is challenging because none of us loves perfectly. Where does perfect love come from and what does it look like? What do you need the perfect love of God to change in your life? How and whom do you want to love more like Jesus loves?

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