Know and Be Known

April 24, 2022

Series: Follow

Service: Sunday

Book: John

Scripture: John 21:1–19

Discussion Questions

  1. Read John 21:1–19. After Jesus’ appearance and commission to the disciples (see John 20:21), Peter went back to the Sea of Galilee to fish. What happened?
  2. When have you had to adjust to a big change? Why is it difficult to leave what’s familiar and step outside one’s comfort zone?
  3. Jesus first called (Simon) Peter in Luke 5:1–11. What do you notice about the nets here and the nets in the John story? What significance might that have? How does Peter respond to Jesus?
  4. Jesus is aware of Peter’s deepest failure before it happens (see John 13:31–38, John 18:15–18 and 25–27). In Luke’s account (Luke 22:54–62) Jesus looks at Peter just as he denies him the third time. Reflect on how Jesus knows you completely, including your deepest flaws. Describe a time you felt the knowing grace of Jesus, even when you fell short.
  5. Jesus never gave up on Peter. When restoring and reminding Peter of his calling, the setting was similar (charcoal cooking fire) to when Peter denied him. What are some of your charcoal fire experiences with Jesus? How has he pursued you and shown you how known and loved you are?

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