Serve and Be Served

May 16, 2022

Series: Follow

Service: Sunday

Book: Mark

Scripture: Mark 8:27–33

Discussion Questions

  1. Read Mark 8:27–33. In this narrative how does Peter get it right? To whose credit? How does he get it wrong?
  2. In your life, where has Jesus’ way clashed with your way?
  3. Reflect on a meaningful time when you served others. Why was it impactful? How did it change you/your perspective?
  4. What insights do you have about Peter’s response to Jesus’ transfiguration, as described in Matthew 17:1–13? Describe a mountain top experience you’ve had and its impact on you. Was it difficult when it ended? Explain.
  5. Read Acts 10. How has Peter’s perspective changed? How has God moved you out of your comfort zone to serve others? Do you sense Him challenging you to serve in a new direction?

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