March 12, 2023

Series: Neighboring

Service: Sunday

Discussion Questions

  1. Read 1 Corinthians 13:1–7. What does Paul say love is? What does Paul say love is not? Choose one of the qualities of love and share how it might be displayed in a practical way toward a neighbor.
  2. Respond to 1 Peter 1:22. What enables us to love others sincerely? What does deep, sincere love look like, and how can you tell the difference between love that’s sincere or not? When have you experienced sincere love?
  3. When people are in relationship with others, they naturally share what they love. What do you love, and how can (or do) you share it with others?
  4. “Sharing the story of Jesus and his impact on our lives is the right motive, but it cannot be an ulterior motive in developing relationships. We don’t love our neighbors to convert them; we love our neighbors because we are converted” (Art of Neighboring, p. 102). Discuss the tension in this quote. How can we love our neighbors without needing to convert them, while ultimately hoping that Jesus does use us to bring them closer to Him?
  5. How can you share your faith in a way that feels natural to you? Try to be specific.

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