Tending & Mending

April 2, 2023

Series: Neighboring

Service: Sunday

Book: Romans

Scripture: Romans 12:9–18

Discussion Questions

  1. Have someone read Romans 12:9–18 aloud. Which of these instructions in how to love is easy for you? Which is difficult?
  2. How are we to respond to those who are not loving, or even hostile, to us? Is loving your enemies realistic—why or why not?
  3. In what ways does your relationship with Jesus help you to love others?
  4. Have you personally had, or witnessed, a conflict with a neighbor? What happened? Has it been resolved?
  5. What happens over time when you fail to forgive people who have wronged you?
  6. We are encouraged to “do what is right” and “live at peace with everyone” (verses 17 & 18). What steps could you take to reconcile with someone?
  7. What has been your biggest takeaway or progress made during this series?

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