The Art of Receiving

March 26, 2023

Series: Neighboring

Service: Sunday

Book: Luke

Scripture: Luke 7:36–50

Discussion Questions

  1. Read Luke 7:36–50. What reasons might the sinful woman have had for her actions? What reasons would someone have to reject her anointing?
  2. Although there may have been many reasons to reject the woman’s anointing, Jesus received it. What does this show us about humility and vulnerability?
  3. “The art of receiving is not complicated. It comes down to being aware of our own needs. It’s about opening our eyes, then being vulnerable enough to ask and receive” (The Art of Neighboring, p 128). What current needs do you have that someone else may be able to help you with?
  4. In what areas are your neighbors knowledgeable, passionate or accomplished? Is there anything you could ask or learn from any of them?
  5. Have you seen or been part of any collaborative efforts where you live? Could you enlist others to help with a neighborhood or outreach project? What?

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