Sacred Listening

19 March 2023
Series: Neighboring
Service: Sunday
Book: John
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Bible Passage: John 11:1–44

Discussion Questions

  1. Read John 11:1–44. What do we learn about Jesus in verses 5 & 6? Explain why He delayed going to Lazarus and his family.
  2. Describe the relationship Jesus has with Martha and Mary. How did Jesus demonstrate a posture that was calm, curious, creative and compassionate?
  3. What impact do you think this situation had on Martha and Mary’s faith? How did Jesus minister to them in this situation? How might it have equipped them to minister to others?
  4. Has your faith been impacted by a difficult situation you’ve been through? Or, how has God shown His care for you during a difficult time in your life? Explain.
  5. How can listening to someone else be a demonstration of faith?
  6. Is God wanting you to show care to someone specific by listening to them? What is a good next step? How can this group support and encourage you?

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