27 June 2021
Series: Daniel
Service: Sunday
Book: Daniel

Pattern & Promise

Discussion Questions

  1. Read Genesis 11:1–9. What is the attitude of the first Babylonian people? Where do you see this attitude at work in the world today?
  2. Read Jeremiah 25:1–7 & 11–12. In these verses is a warning that God will allow Babylon to take Jerusalem. For what reason? What attitude have the people of God been demonstrating according to Jeremiah?
  3. The “evil ways” listed by Jeremiah, and the other prophets of the Bible, center around the Hebrew people’s worship of things other than God and lack of compassion and fair treatment of others. How are we as Christians tempted to do the same in our own time? Give some examples.
  4. Read Daniel 1. What can we learn about Daniel’s attitude and character? What about God’s?

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