Recognize the Pattern, Remember the Promise

August 8, 2021

Series: Daniel

Service: Sunday

Book: Daniel

Scripture: Daniel 9

Discussion Questions

  1. When have you been troubled by a dream?
  2. Read Daniel 1:8; 2:18; 2:26–28; 3:16–18; 6:10; 8:27. What pattern do you see in the way that Daniel and his friends respond to the pressures of their culture?
  3. What cultural circumstances in our world today challenge your faith life? How might you respond in grace and truth in the same way Daniel and his friends did?
  4. Read Daniel 9:1–19. What do you notice about the character of God as Daniel understands it?
  5. When Daniel is troubled he prays. What do you learn about prayer from Daniel’s example? How can you apply this to your own prayer life?


Gracious God, we live in a world twisted by the abuse of authority and power. We have become beasts that stand in opposition to your will in and for the world. Forgive us and clear our minds and hearts to see the world as you see it. Use us as your kingdom people, full of grace and truth, to be salt and light in our neighborhoods, workplaces, and communities. Amen.

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