October 23, 2022

Series: Faith

Service: Sunday

Book: James

Scripture: James 1

Discussion Questions

  1. When has it been hard to be patient?
  2. Read James 1:2–4 and 1:12. Why does James tell us to consider it “pure joy” when facing trials? Is having this sort of attitude easy or difficult for you?
  3. Describe how a faith that is “mature and complete…not lacking anything” might look.
  4. What does James say trials ultimately produce in us?
  5. What do you think James means by the crown of life in verse 12?
  6. Read James 5:7–12. Why do you think James chooses Job as an example in this section?
  7. Have you ever had to suffer patiently? What was helpful during that time?
  8. What encouragement do you find in these verses?

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