The 12th Man

July 18, 2021

Series: Daniel

Service: Sunday

Book: Daniel

Scripture: Daniel 3

Discussion Questions

  1. Read Daniel 3. What do you notice about the varying priorities of the characters in this story? What motivates each character? How do you see these priorities at work in our world today?
  2. Read Daniel 2:46–49 and 3:28–30. What do you notice about the king’s reaction to each example of God’s faithfulness? Describe a time when you needed to learn a lesson a second time.
  3. What similarities and differences do you notice between the story in Daniel 6:1–24 and the one in chapter 3? Where do you currently have an opportunity to proclaim that your citizenship in God’s kingdom is a higher priority than your citizenship in this world?
  4. How would you summarize the key theme or lesson in Daniel 6:25–28? How is the message relevant in today’s culture?

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