The Reconciling Community

October 18, 2021

Service: Sunday

Discussion Questions

  1. What helps you gain a new perspective on something or someone? What steps do you take?
  2. Read 2 Corinthians 5:16–6:2. In your own words, explain what reconciliation to Christ means. How is this different from how the world might understand reconciliation?
  3. If “Christ’s ambassador to a ministry of reconciliation” was a job description, what job responsibilities might be included?
  4. When have you asked for forgiveness? Will you forgive me? When was the last time you forgave someone else? You are forgiven. What holds us back from doing this more often?
  5. What does the story in Matthew 18:21–35 teach us about grace and forgiveness?
  6. How has experiencing God’s grace transformed you?


Gracious God, We confess that we are not perfect and we will never be perfect. We sinned this week with our minds. We sinned this week through actions done and actions left undone. We are in need of your forgiveness. May your forgiveness and grace restore us so that we follow your example to forgive those who sinned against us. Amen.

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