The Worshiping Community

October 31, 2021

Service: Sunday

Book: John

Scripture: John 4:23

Discussion Questions

  1. Tell about a time when you were in a group full of energy and excitement.
  2. In what area of life are you tempted to conform to the standards of the world?
  3. Read 2 Samuel 6:14–22. How does David show reverence to God in his worship? What do we learn from the tone of worship? Who in this story misses out? Why do you think that might be?
  4. Read John 4:19–24. In the woman’s question we see her concern for the location and form of worship. What do you think Jesus means when he says to worship in Spirit and in truth?
  5. In Romans 12:1–2, how can the act of worship mentioned in verse 1 help us live out verse 2?
  6. Have you had a stand-out worship experience? What do you find most impactful about worship?

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