What Does A Disciple Do?

March 14, 2021

Series: Question Mark

Service: Sunday

Book: Mark

Scripture: Mark 6:6–8:38

Discussion Questions

  1. What are Jesus’ instructions as he sent out the disciples (Mark 6:7–13)? How would following these instructions help the disciples connect authentically with people? What can we learn about connecting well with those to whom we are called to share the gospel?
  2. We read two accounts of Jesus multiplying bread and fish to feed the crowds (Mark 6:30–44 and Mark 8:1–10). How are the people fed? How does this translate to our role as disciples of Jesus today?
  3. A major theme in Mark is the misunderstandings of the disciples. At times we can also be blind and misunderstand Jesus. How does the manner in which the healing of the blind man takes place (Mark 8:22–26) demonstrate Jesus’ posture towards us and our formation as disciples?
  4. Discipleship is centered on this one key question, “Who do you say that I am?” (See Mark 8:27–30.)
  5. Who do you say Jesus is? If you have journeyed with Jesus for some time, how has your answer to this question evolved?
  6. In what ways are you growing to become more like Jesus?

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