The Distance Between Us

March 5, 2023

Series: Neighboring

Service: Sunday

Book: Luke

Scripture: Luke 5:27–32

Discussion Questions

  1. Read Luke 10:30–37. What barriers or gaps do you see in this parable? What do you learn from the Samaritan’s example?
  2. Read Luke 5:27–32. What gaps does Jesus bridge? What does Jesus’ example teach us about why we should bridge gaps with others?
  3. What are some reasons people may fear their neighbors? What fears or concerns do you have about any of your neighbors? Do you think anyone is uncomfortable with you?
  4. Discuss the following myths and how they impact you.
    • I’m busy. Things will settle down someday.
    • More will be enough.
    • Everybody lives like this.
  5. How can you address any barriers that keep you from better knowing your neighbors?

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