The Serving Community

October 3, 2021

Service: Sunday

Book: Luke

Scripture: Luke 22:24–27

Discussion Questions

  1. Share examples of both self-centeredness and self-sacrifice at work inside and/or outside the church?
  2. What do you think was at the heart of the request of James and John in Mark 10: 35–45? Describe a time when you found yourself thinking in a similar way.
  3. What does it look like to be one who “serves” rather than one who is “at the table” as described in Luke 22:24–27? How did Jesus live this out among His disciples?
  4. In Philippians 2:3–11, what does Jesus teach us about how to live with one another? What is one specific way you can imitate Christ’s humility this coming week?
  5. Describe a time when your basic needs were met by Christians in your community. When have you been in or seen a community that cared for one another like Paul describes?

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